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Powerful Tools for Digital Marketing

Powerful Tools for Digital Marketing

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·Jan 15, 2022·

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Digital marketing challenges you to always innovate. Over time, digital marketing is growing faster and more complex. With the presence of very diverse marketing tools, it makes your work lighter and more efficient. And very important role for those of you who want to sell online.

Here are the Best Digital Marketing Tools

The marketing tools that we discuss this time have functions and attract diverse consumer elements. Let's discuss them one by one.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media today, which will give you the convenience of monitoring and automatically scheduling all your social media account posts in one dashboard. All content ready to be published can be stored in the cloud.

In addition to powerful features, this tool also offers analytical capabilities to measure the performance of your social media campaigns. However, all of the above features are certainly not free. But you will get a free trial for the first month. You have to spend quite a lot of money, if you want to get these features in the long term. You can pay monthly fees starting from US $ 29 or Rp. 400 thousand for all the conveniences offered by Hootsuite.

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Buffer and Hootsuite have one thing in common. However, with this tool you can manage your social media marketing in a simple and effective way. Many advanced features are already available for various needs. You can create content, plan social media strategies, schedule posts, check performance in analysis, and interact with followers via DM. Buffer provides services ranging from free, to the most expensive at US $ 199 or almost Rp. 3 million per month.


This tool offers advanced to-do-list (planning) management that can be accessed anywhere. Trello can manage all your and your team's needs. Starting from brainstorming (Creativity) to the details of content strategy. What makes your digital marketing even more perfect.

There are many more conveniences provided by Trello. Of the many conveniences offered, it turns out that Trello can be used for free. However, if you want to use the enterprise package, you only have to pay US$20 per month or almost Rp. 300 thousand if you need it.


This tool is important for those of you who need visuals (images) for content. Canva is a feature-packed design platform and templates, with a drag-and-drop system. In the list of collections there are many images, fonts, and icons that can be customized.

Layout designs, posts, logos, infographics, presentations, and so on, can be created with Canva. Anyway, it depends on your creativity in editing and adjusting the elements that have been provided. You can use Canva for free for personal use (individuals). As for the business version, you can use it starting at a price of US $ 12.95 or IDR 190 thousand per month.


A communication tool that is a favorite among startups and offices today. You can create groups or channels according to your work unit. And you can create a new channel for collaboration or just share special info in the office.

Slack can also be combined with many other marketing tools. For example, to display notifications or notifications of the latest customer transactions. And you can set up bots that provide automated responses to serve customers. This tool provides its services free of charge for small and medium businesses. As for large companies, they provide offers that can be tailored to other marketing needs.

Google Analytics

All digital marketers must have heard of and used this tool. Google analytics is used by businesses of all sizes. To be sure, its features allow users to analyze various data related to promotions and such. Starting from audience demographics (categories), audience behavior, search keyword lists, bounce rates, and so on.

You can operate it for free. Google also provides a very premium version called Google Analytics 360. The price is also very fantastic, which is US $ 100,000 or around Rp. 14 billion more per year.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is available as a plugin on WordPress, which supports both the classic and the latest versions of the post editor. This tool will help you see the effectiveness of keywords, permalinks, to internal and external links in content.

Cool again, Yoast SEO often updates to follow Google's latest algorithm. You can access this plugin for free. However, there is also a premium plan if you need more advanced features as needed.

So, those are some tools that you can use for digital marketing. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. Choose tools according to your marketing needs.

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